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Hello everyone, my name is Miley.I am 25 years old.My dick has 16 cm. / 6 inch.In my free time I really like to communicate with people, read books and watch films.My biggest turns are people who are on the ground, can talk and be confident, but not arrogant or insolent!For my privacy, I will not tell you the exact location, share personal information and not meet.

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GrandeurmoyenSigne Astrologiquevirgo
Couleur de CheveuxblondeTatouagesans tattoo
Couleur de YeuxgreenPiercingsans piercing
Préférence SexuelleJe suis bisexuel(le)Qualité de Live WebcamLive Cam HD
Utilise un Jouet SexuelJ'adore utiliser des sextoysUtilise MicrophoneUtilise un microphone

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